Alex Shifrin - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Other Useful Things

Alex is probably the coolest guy in Moscow.  Chicks dig Alex not only because of his groovy guitar collection but also because he wears dark glasses sometimes.  Chicks dig dark glasses, so they dig Alex.

Mike Malloy - Bass, Sometimes Vocals (but he's kind of shy)

Mike is one of a kind.  Actually, there were two, but one of them had to go.  That's a good thing because this Mike is pretty cool.  The other Mike was kind of a tool, which is why he had to go.

Mike has lots of basses, which makes some people wonder what he's doing.  Mike clearly has a plan, but he isn't telling...

Vlado Kostov - Drums, Percussion and General Good Vibes

Vlado is a force of nature on the drums.  His playing and general presence on stage can actually change the weather - pretty scary stuff, but don't worry, Vlado uses his powers for good, not evil.